Our focus is the ride. You’ll ride more with us than any other tour operator.

Multiple ride groups and expert guides ensure everyone has their best cycling experience.

You will be challenged. Our ambitious routes will have you pedaling beyond your wildest cycling dreams.

“The Thomson Effect” means you’ll return home exhilarated, exhausted and already thinking about your next adventure with us.

Relentless! It got harder every day but so did I. A true challenge and an amazing experience. Great routes, great climbs and great views supported by an excellent, fun and fit team. Absolutely spectacular!

Robb Sebastian :: 2014 Trans-Pyrenees Challenge

We’ll introduce you to the euphoria of testing your limits and exceeding them. You will go outside your comfort zone and you’ll thank us for it.

The higher you climb, the better the view. Climbing mountains is a surreal and infinitely rewarding exercise.

Conquer iconic Pro Tour climbs and unknown, off-the-beaten path gems.

We spare no expense in designing routes that will challenge and inspire the most ambitious cyclist.

We have 25 years of European cycling experience and a passion for finding the best roads in each region.