Thomson Bike Tours

We take special pride in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we get on our trip planning and execution.

Our extraordinary attention to detail allows us to deliver a superior experience.

From our comprehensive pre-trip communication to our expert mechanical and sag support, you can trust the Thomson team.

Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our top priority.

Thomson Bike Tours Top Guides

Top Guides

We are justifiably proud of the guides and trip leaders that make up the thomson Bike Tours team.

They know the terrain very well. Some of them are ex-pros or train with riders from the pro peloton.

All of them are competent and professional.

Thomson Bike Tours - Expert Mechanics

Expert Mechanics

We take at least one certified mechanic on every trip.

It’s their job to ensure your bike is in top condition every day and solve any mechancal issues you might have.

Thomson Bike Tours Van Nutrition

Van Nutrition

Van support is never far away and on most rides you will find it stocked with energy bars, isotonic powders and water.

There are many long days in the saddle so we also provide for lunches and our SAG drivers often have a few treats up their sleeves.

Thomson Bike Tours - Luggage Transfer

Luggage Transfers

Many of our trips require us to move from hotel to hotel at least once.

At Thomson we take care of your luggage while you ride, moving it from hotel to hotel and making sure you will find it ready and waiting in your room when you arrive.