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The Challenge Mallorca at the end of January is the customary start of the season for European Pro racing.

It’s also a great time for teams and their sponsors to organise events around the racing; things are not so hectic as the race format allows for riders to pick and choose the stages they want to ride.

Adidas Sport Eyewear is eyewear sponsor for Movistar Team as well as Team Bora-Hansgrohe, and they felt that Mallorca in January would be the best time to launch their new pro-level eyewear – the Zonyk Aero Pro – to the world’s media. And they asked Thomson Bike Tours to organise it all for them!

Perfect weather for it

Over two and a half days, we brought in over 30 journalists from across Europe and Asia; hosted them in 5 Star accommodation in S’Arenal and took them all over the island on bikes to test the new eyewear.

Weather conditions were ideal for testing the Zonyk as it was overcast and rainy, even if we were optimistically hoping for sun – at one point it was even touch-and-go whether we would have been able to get to the island with all the support vans and bikes as the ferry from Barcelona had been cancelled just a couple of days earlier due to some of the worst storms in 30 years.

Movistar Team exposed their secrets

The event was a great success, with cool rides with some of the Movistar Team pro-riders – Alex Dowsett, Rory Sutherland, Jonatán Castroviejo and Dani Moreno, great product, and some cool stories from Alejandro Valverde and Alex.  Did you know Valverde runs on chocolate ice-cream and Alex Dowsett introduced ketchup to the team when he joined back in 2013?

Nairo Quintana - Adidas Zonyk Experience Mallorca

Nairo zips up before his first race of the season at the Challenge Mallorca © adidas Sport eyewear/Picture by Pol Soler Gimenez

Alex Montañés - Adidas Zonyk Experience Mallorca

Our own Alex Montañés showing off his new Adidas Zonyk Aero Pro glasses © adidas Sport eyewear/Picture by Pol Soler Gimenez

Rory Sutherland and Thomson - Adidas Zonyk Experience Mallorca

Rory Sutherland, chills out at the Thomson SAG van © adidas Sport eyewear/Picture by Pol Soler Gimenez

Sergi ride leader - Adidas Zonyk Experience Mallorca

Sergi and some of the journalists, including Jeroon from Soigneur Magazine © adidas Sport eyewear/Picture by Pol Soler Gimenez

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