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Sergi Florenciano is one of the stalwarts of Thomson Bike Tours and epitomizes the dedication and work ethic of everybody in the Company.

Here’s a small insight as to what makes Sergi tick:

How long have you worked with Peter?

I joined Thomson Bike Tours on the Trans Alps 2011. But I know Peter since many years before. I kind of supported his Trans Pyrenees warm up rides…at least since 2007. Some clients that came to those early editions still remember that we rode all together the infamous local climb Rat Penat, a killing 20% ambush!

What do you do at Thomson?

We’re still a company where most of us have to be ready to work in different roles, and the most important thing for me is to play in both fields: the road and the office. On the road I’m ride leader and trip manager; then in the office trip planning, general strategy advisor, plus working on and securing good relationships with the bike industry, pro tour teams, their sponsors etc…

What’s your favorite trip and why?

I think Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España…in both cases the quality of everything is over the top…the rides, the hotels, the food, how close you can get to the teams and how relaxed they are… so it’s a perfect mix between incredible riding and pro approach, I love this combination. Plus is that I love the weather at Vuelta a España…hahaha it is in my blood 🙂

What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had on a Thomson trip?

I remember one of our guests on one of my first trips. Once the ride arrived back at hotel, he locked himself inside his room every single day and we never saw him again until next day ride start…never for a beer, never at dinner…never anywhere…so what that guy was doing in his room still remains a good question mark…I hope he had a good healthy recovery program 😉

Favorite gear?

50×25. I like to climb long 6% climbs the most.

To disc brake or not to disc brake?

I’ll say yes to Disc brakes, no doubt…but then you need to be careful how you assemble your bike…because lately the ultimate technologies (disc brakes, electronic groupsets, etc…) seem to increase the overall weight of the bike…and I hate it. I’ll never say no to better technologies but I dislike when the result is that my potential new bike can have the same weight as a regular bike from the late ’80’s.

Your favorite recovery food?

A massive salad, massive entrecote and massive orange juice. I’m always very hungry at the end of every ride.

If you could ride 100km with any professional cyclist from any era, who would you choose and why?

I could pick any current big name or legend, Sagan, Contador, Hinault, Lemond, Merckx, Indurain…etc…but I have to say Marc Soler…

Yes, I know he is pretty unknown to everybody. Marc is very young just 23 years old. He is from my hometown, from our local cycling club/academy. His family and mine are totally connected and long time friends, I’ve been riding with him at least since he was 12 years old.

Now he rides for Movistar Team and his biggest achievement came 2 years ago, when he won the Tour de L’Avenir. For those who are not familiar with this race, let’s say it is the Tour de France for U23. And the legends says that winners of Tour de L’Avenir have a lot of chances to become Tour de France winners…well this is going too far…but at least at home everybody is very proud of Marc Soler….and I can say I ride with him very often, so I’m proud and happy.

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